Skill and qualification management SaaS

  • Manage your organization's skills and qualifications using the skill matrix

    Centralize information about employees' skills and qualifications, and accurately grasp the status of skills possessed by each department or workplace using the skill matrix. Supports creation of training plans and training records. This will prevent lack of skills, qualifications, and training, and realize planned human resource development.

  • skillmap


Grasp the possession status of skills and qualifications

Centralize employee skills and qualification information and visualize with a skill matrix. This allows you to accurately understand the status of skills and qualifications held by department or workplace.

Prevent lack of skills, qualifications, and training

Manage the total number of skills and qualifications held in your organization, expiration date and renewal. This will prevent lack of skills, qualifications, and training required for renewal, as well as quality incidents caused by these.

Develop human resources systematically

Develop a training plan to acquire the skills and qualifications you lack. Moreover, since the progress of the training plan can be managed, systematic human resource development can be realized.


  • Skill and qualification management by skill matrix

    Fine-grained skills required on site can be managed hierarchically by department or workplace. Grasp the status of skills and qualifications at a glance using the skill matrix. By integrating with SAP SuccessFactors, detailed skill and qualification data on site can be linked to talent management.

  • skillmap
  • traning plans
  • Easily create training plans and records

    Support the creation and management of training plans and records. Create a training plan for the skills that your organization lacks. Manage the progress of the training plan and create an implementation record after the training, which will support planned human resource development.

  • Expiration alerts prevent qualification revocation

    Manage expiration dates and certificate of qualifications collectively. When your qualification is about to expire, you will receive an alert email in advance to inform you that your renewal period is approaching. This will prevent the lack of qualifications required by the organization.

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